CBD Starter Kit

The perfect way to get started with CBD

Complete with a MediPen® battery, charger, cartridge and stylish metal carry case for your convenience.

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started. Includes a MediPen® Battery, Charger and 1ml Cartridge.

From £49.97
1ml Cartridge

Our signature gold blend CBD formula encapsulated in a 1ml cartridge. Made from the finest natural extracts.

From £24.97
Unmatched Value

For the regulars.

Treat yourself to one of our CBD cartridge packs. Sample our flavours and enjoy as often as you like.

Triple Pack

Optimise your wellness routine with the Triple Pack, including three 1ml Gold-Blend CBD Cartridges.

From £64.97
Ten Pack

Ensure continuous care with the Ten Pack, a supply of ten 1ml Gold-Blend CBD Cartridges.

From £199.97
Twenty Pack

Enjoy a plentiful supply with our Twenty Pack of 1ml Gold-Blend CBD cartridges for lasting support.

From £399.97
Voted UK's Best Tasting CBD Product

A flavour for every occasion

Enjoy our delicious range of natural flavour choices. Decided by our users, there's something for everyone!



Savour the taste of our Strawberry cartridge and enjoy a juicy burst of berry bliss with every inhale.



Indulge in the cool, crisp refreshment of our Peppermint cartridge, a minty breeze of invigorating freshness.



Escape to a tropical paradise with our Tropical cartridge, a luscious blend of exotic fruits and juicy sweetness.

A little bit extra

Enhance your experience with our range of premium accessories. Thoughtfully designed for style and utility.

Official Accessories

Power your peace of mind with the MediPen® 2.0 Battery, engineered for longevity and performance.

From £19.97

Ensure your MediPen® 2.0 is always ready with our USB Charger, designed for quick & efficient charging.

From £4.97
Metal Carry Case

The MediPen® Metal Carry Case is a secure and stylish way to protect your MediPen® 2.0 and accessories.

From £10.97

Ensures a seamless vaping experience with a spare Metal Mouthpiece for your MediPen® 2.0

From £4.97


Sold Out

Keep your MediPen® 2.0 in reach with our convenient Lanyard, featuring a secure clip for easy access.

From £9.47